The Challenge

The principal challenges in tackling diversity and inclusion in society at large but in our workplaces particularly are, getting agreement on key definitions, on how to make inclusion more than just a “nice-to-have”, virtue signalling vanity project and most crucially, how to make it matter to those with the power for change, who’ve yet to fully appreciate what exercising that power might achieve.

From Challenge to Change

Challenge #1: Culture

“Culture” has become a difficult and divisive term across our society, with everyone’s personal background driving their beliefs about, assumptions on and approaches to, any discussion on the subject of culture in general and workplace culture in particular. 

To us at Include Me, “Culture”, recognises every element of a person’s past and present backgrounds that make up the individual they are now with the particular thoughts, values and personalities. In other word their culture that you cannot see by looking just at them. 

Challenge #2: Who are the excluded?

The knock on effect of this is that when people consider culture, diversity and inclusion they do so predominantly from the perspective of ethnicity and race. Finding a universal resolution the “inclusion for all” conundrum, requires a methodological approach that works for all differences in any setting.

At Include Me, diversity includes every kind of difference, far beyond those characteristics protected by the law. We teach that understanding that each individual is unique and that every difference should be understood and celebrated. This is the theme that runs throughout the Whole Body Approach with CQ program.

Challenge #3: Effective Learning Frameworks

Finding the right learning tool to support genuine understanding of the skills and capabilities that enable better relations and effectiveness in connecting across any form of cultural difference, is a real challenge.

Cultural Intelligence or CQ, is a globally recognised way of assessing and improving effectiveness in culturally diverse situations. It is rooted in rigorous, academic peer reviewed research conducted across more than 100 countries over 20 years.

Challenge #4: Not a Tick-box Exercise

Many organisations are still looking for a quick fix, box-ticking exercise that they can call an inclusion journey. This so often involves an online training package and making it the responsibility of their staff members to learn and find a way of applying their learning.

Include Me provides a comprehensive program of coaching and support to follow each staff member’s training to ensure the embedding of CQ into a business’s normal everyday working practices and behaviours is properly affected

Challenge #5: Including Business Practices

The Challenges around transforming an organisation’s workplace inclusion practices and its culture cannot rest solely at the feet of its employees. The responsibility on the organisation to be transforming its ways of working is so often neglected, to the detriment of any attempt to sustainably embed better practices.

The development of an organisation’s inclusive infrastructure is a core element of Include Me’s Whole Body Approach with CQ program. We guide organisations, who have the courage, through the challenge of asking itself the right questions and to being open and humble enough to listen to and act on the answers they get.

Challenge #6: Measuring Inclusion

Measuring diversity and inclusion with any consistency has proved to be problematic for whole variety of well documented reasons so organisation have either done it poorly or have not done it all. This will consign all things EDI into an organisation’s “nice to have” instead of where it should be; a core essential to business success.

Include Me has curated a combination of concepts, data collation protocols and evaluation tools to effectively measure progress on diversity and inclusion and progress towards it. This will allow tracking and celebrating of your successes and to better plan your next steps.

The Challenge

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Source: The Health & Safety Executive

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The Journey

Equity, diversity and inclusion, for so long an ineffectual box-ticking sprint and a nice to have, is now recognised and accepted as being a marathon, not a sprint and a vital ingredient that has the power to make or break an organisation.

The Whole Body Approach Journey

Include Me’s Whole Body Approach with Cultural Intelligence (CQ®) is no tick-box exercise. It is in every way an organisational change journey that if done correctly will transform your organisation’s diversity and inclusion practices permanently.


If it is not, from the very start of the journey, clearly understood by all, to be a marathon (for which you will forever be in training) and not a sprint, then your plan is destined to fail to achieve its goals and will once again only serve to disappoint the very people in you workforce community that it was created to inspire. It will take time and commitment


The Whole Body Approach proposition aims to deliver a quiet revolution for your organisation. It will be;


  • Comprehensive
  • Sustainable
  • Measurable
  • An Outstanding Return on Investment


What can you expect to be the impact of your journey with Include Me? You will with our help have;


  • Empowered whole workplace communities from top to bottom to understand that the “way we do things around here can be changed”
  • Broadened everyone’s understanding of difference and redefined for all the term “Culture” to being so much more than that which can be seen or simply those with protected characteristics
  • A tacit understanding that the worst behaviour seen to be tolerated by your leaders is your organisation’s culture and what will define you in the eyes of all who witness or experience it
  • Inspired and skilled leaders to use what they learn through CQ® to develop their own better practices; to better see, value and engage with as well as work more effectively with difference
  • Enabled every person to take personal responsibility for their organisation’s nurturing of their sustainable inclusive culture, developing leaders in inclusion throughout
  • Changed the lived experiences for every single member of staff irrespective of their background; transforming their workplace culture into one where everyone feels not only seen, safe and heard but also connected, valued and empowered
  • Ensured that nobody is left out in knowing without a shadow of doubt that their organisation’s inclusion journey includes them. Inclusion must be for everyone or it will end up being for no one”

Inclusion for Everyone

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Source: Druthers Search Diversity and Inclusion By Numbers. Kirsty Trafford-Owen

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Smarter Inclusion

Our smarter approach to culturally intelligent inclusion and our different slant on measuring its progress and impact, allows organisations to take a step back on lessons learned, celebrate achievements and reaffirm their on-going commitment to real change.

Training with Technology

Include Me’s is unique in combining the power of the globally recognised learning framework that is Cultural Intelligence (CQ®) with a technological, data driven approach to evaluating the diversity and inclusion transformation in any organisation, its workforce and its business outcomes.

Include Me has joined forces with a internationally respected research, insight and evaluation partner with the pedigree of having worked with a number of well-known global brands, to enhance our clients’ ability to accurately measure the impact of their ED&I journey on their business outcomes, their reputations and on their workplace communities; namely their people and their customers. This is a set of insights unique to this Include Me, Whole Body Approach journey.

Aims and Objectives

UK companies that focus on diversity to improve work culture


That focus on diversity to improve company performance


That focus on diversity to better represent customers


Source: Talent Now